CKC has continuously improved technology and widened range of products to serve customers. Moreover, CKC has delivered various type of Automatic Filtration System, Pressure Vessel, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) System, Auto Strainer, Metallic Filter Cartridge and Gas Dehydration System.
Gas-Liquid Coalescing Separators 
Mechanical Separation is the most common method of removing water or solids from production, streams separating the gas from the liquid phase and for separating liquids, with different molecular weights. CKC offers a complete range of, custom designed, Separation Packages, for use in the production of oil and Natural Gas.

CKC have designed and built these packages in a wide range of sizes for all operating conditions and would be pleased to design a package to meet your requirements
 Liquid-Liquid Coalescers
CKC's technical personnel has been solving difficult liquidliquid separation problems for over 23 years. During this time, our experienced engineering staff has designed solutions for refineries, chemical plants, electrical utilities and offshore applications worldwide.

Our engineers look at the total system needs and provide upstream polishing as required. In many applications, we incorporate flow, level and interface controls in conjunction with automatic operating
sequences. Systems can be designed as individual vessels or as a turnkey, skid mounted unit. When required, CKC supplies pilot systems for on-site testing and evaluation. Working together, CKC engineers and plant personnel optimize design and performance resulting in extremely fast project payback.
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