CKC has continuously improved technology and widened range of products to serve customers. Moreover, CKC has delivered various type of Automatic Filtration System, Pressure Vessel, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) System, Auto Strainer, Metallic Filter Cartridge and Gas Dehydration System.
CKC can manufacture an amine unit or a pressure swing adsorption system using carbon molecular sieves. The amine system can be a MEA, DEA, DGA, MDEA, or hindered amine technology depending on the concentrations and H2S selectivity. The pressure swing molecular sieves can achieve 100 ppmv CO2 levels for cryogenic pre-treatment.

??Carbon Dioxide Removal from Natural Gas
To build an amine system requires strict
attention to the corrosion potential.
Proper chemical treatment and
metallurgy are essential.
Carbon molecular sieves have their place
and the technology is improving steadily.
With the pressure swing requirements,
it's necessary to examine energy
consumption closely.
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