CKC has continuously improved technology and widened range of products to serve customers. Moreover, CKC has delivered various type of Automatic Filtration System, Pressure Vessel, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) System, Auto Strainer, Metallic Filter Cartridge and Gas Dehydration System.
Environmental regulation and product recovery are both motivating factors for vapor recovery systems. Industries including oil and gas processing, petrochemical, printing, and machining have all developed needs for vapor recovery equipment. CKC can supply you with process simulation data for permitting requirements.

??Vapor Recovery System
Vapor recovery technology involves a wide range of approaches. Refrigerated surface condensation, carbon adsorption, lean oil absorption are three that CKC has used. The applications usually involve emissions from storage tanks, tank car loading facilities, chemical reactors, remediation sites, etc. Most processes occur near atmospheric pressure and thus require minimal pressure drop. In many cases there is a viable economic recovery of valuable hydrocarbons.

VRU's can become overly complicated quickly depending on the extremes of operational ranges. CKC attempts to use the simplest technical approach.

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