CKC has continuously improved technology and widened range of products to serve customers. Moreover, CKC has delivered various type of Automatic Filtration System, Pressure Vessel, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) System, Auto Strainer, Metallic Filter Cartridge and Gas Dehydration System.

HiCAT DeNOx System

High Performance

- Superior NOx removal activity
- High thermal stability
- Long lifetime

Compact Design

- Low catalyst consumption
- Simple module design

Simple and Reliable Operation

- Self-cleaning nozzle
- Automatic injection system

HiCAT DeNOx system is highly efficient and cost effective for the reduction of nitrogen oxides(NOx) in diesel engines.
HiCAT can reduce nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas to the levels satisfying any legistrators' or users requirements for low environmental impact. The catalyst converts harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.
HiCAT will provide the best solution to users or customers for low operating costs, high engine performance and high reliability.

HiCAT Catalysts

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd has developed highly active catalyst showing unique properties such as high surface area, controllable pore size and high thermal resistance.
HiCAT catalysts are available with variable opening ratio and different formulations.
HiCAT catalysts reduce more than 90% of NOx in the exhaust gas with high reliability and long-term stability.


"Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd(HHI)'s DeNOx systems are specialised in the design for the reduction of NOx in the exhaust gas form diesel power plant as well as marine engines."


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