CKC has continuously improved technology and widened range of products to serve customers. Moreover, CKC has delivered various type of Automatic Filtration System, Pressure Vessel, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) System, Auto Strainer, Metallic Filter Cartridge and Gas Dehydration System.
CKC has built multi-effect evaporators that will concentrate brines and produce potable water. They use traditional technology. Energy use is reduced in proportion to the number of effects used. The standard design is four (4) effects.

??Desalination of Brine
At $5/MMBtu, the system will produce one barrel (42 gal) of potable water for $0.60 and reduce brine disposal by the corresponding one barrel. This system can be designed to use waste exhaust heat from a gas turbine or engine, which obviously would eliminate energy costs. The water would be less than $0.10 per barrel.

Reverse osmosis using membranes is the other primary technical approach. This is more sensitive to the organic content and also to inorganic species such as iron complexes.
The membrane technology is improving constantly. For seawater applications reverse osmosis dominates except where heat sources such as co-generation turbine exhaust are available.
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